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My Story

From trauma to triumph, I tell my story of growing up in the church and being faced with unimaginable choices that would change the course of my life forever. At eighteen years old I was baited by a stranger online, raped, and exploited. Months later, when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, I chose abortion out of fear of judgement. I tell of my messy transition from religion to relationship after fourteen years of deep repression as a leader in the church. The Lord met me at my most vulnerable, unraveled my faulty identity of helpless victim, and invited me to dine with Him as a healed victor. The Habitat of Healing is a gathering place for the broken to feast in the fullness of God. It is a fresh take on spiritual freedom that equips you, the reader, with keys to unlock the mystery of the table that you were born to sit at. It is an invitation to be made whole in the Healer’s habitation.​

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